We are in need of foster homes!

Fostering is providing animals with a temporary home in your home. Because Open Doors Animal Rescue does not have a facility, all of our animals must be housed in homes. Fostering is considered an indefinite amount of time, depending on the length of time it takes for a particular animal to get adopted.

Open Doors Animal Rescue works with other local animal rescues, shelters, and animal control offices, to save more homeless pets. It means the more fosters we have in our network, the more animals we will be able to save! Fostering is not easy, but the rewards are plentiful. It is a fantastic way to support rescue efforts and Open Doors Animal Rescue will provide you with supplies while you give the animals the care and love that they need and deserve. It does mean scheduling vet visits, but Open Doors Animal Rescue will take care of those costs, too!

Kitten season is here, and pregnant mamas need fosters.  If you are interested in becoming an Open Doors Animal Rescue foster family, please visit our volunteer page and complete the Volunteer Form. If you know somebody who may be interested in fostering homeless pets, please share our information with them. Together we can help save lives!