Adoption & Rescue Information


Where are your cats available?
We are almost entirely foster based. We do house 3-5 cats on a regular basis at the Hodgkins Petco located at 9270 Joliet Rd, Hodgkins IL, 60525.

What are your adoption fees?
The adoption price for one cat or kitten is $100.

Can I adopt more than one animal at a time?
Yes! We encourage adopters to adopt two cats or kittens at a time. We feel that it benefits the animal’s social life, as well as provides a loving home for everyone! To help encourage this, we offer a discounted adoption price for two animals. If you choose to adopt two cats or kittens, the fee is $150.

Where do your animals come from?
Our animals come from all over. We work with local Animal Control Facilities as a Rescue Partner (CACC, DuPage, Aurora, Waukegan, and Kenosha). We accept kittens who have been abandoned outdoors, some owner SURRENDERS, . OUR INTAKE IS BASED ENTIRELY ON SPACE AND AVAILABLE FOSTER HOMES and rescue cases (abuse or neglect). For the most part, we know some history of the animals, but we, of course, can never guarantee that an animal is purebred.

What if the adoption doesn’t work out?
We make a guarantee to the animals that we rescue, as well as to the adopters to choose to adopt from us. If circumstances come about that no longer enable you to care for the animal that you adopted from us, we will happily take back that animal.

I have an animal that I need to give up. Would you take my animal in?
We recieve calls all the time from people who feel they need to give up their animals. Please understand that we cannot possibly take in every animal we get called about. Because we are a no-kill rescue, the amount of animals we take in is completely dependent on how many foster homes we have.

Are you a Tax-Exempt Organization?
Yes we are! This means that any donations made to Open Doors Animal Rescue can be considered a tax write-off!